WiFi Range Extenion

Extend the reach of your Wifi.
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Extenders and Mesh

When you only have one router, most of your devices fall out of range of a strong 5GHz connection. WiFi Mesh and extenders can create one, seamless WiFi network throughout your entire home and yard as well. It can even expand your signal to reach other structures on your property such as sheds, garages, mother-in-law apartments and additional dwelling units.
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Consolidated Bands

Smart WiFi

No more worrying about switching between your 2.4 or 5 GHz networks. Automatically selects the closest access point as well as the optimal band for every device.
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Advanced Customer Support

Personalized Customer Service

Real people, real support. Get superior customer service for all of your internet and connectivity needs. Local, english speaking agents that can answer questions, and troubleshoot your issues. We build a custom profile tailored to the shape of your home, number of users and types of devices. Don't rely on your internet provider’s outsourced 1-800 number when you need a technician or phone support, get faster service from our local experts.